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Quad Houston Restaurant & Bar carries one of the largest sports lineups in the area with an amazing array of upscale southern cuisine. This is a classy, upscale environment where you can cheer on your favorite team, player, or driver, enjoy restaurant-style food, and know that you are among the most elite of clientele.


Our dishes have bursting flavor and are cooked to perfection, savor in southern cuisine with us.



Blackened Stuffed Salmon served on bed of rice

The Salmon is seasoned with Cajun spices,and perfectly blackened to bring out the subtle flavors of the salmon in a perfect marriage of flavor. Stuffed with Cajun dirty rice, and topped with Cajun cream sauce that compliments the flavors of the salmon and dirty rice. This dish is layered with flavor, and a stunning visual that would wow your most hardcore foodie.

Salmon Sliders

Seasoned with Cajun seasoning and perfectly blackened, set on a bun with our house Tartar, topped with sautéed red bell peppers and spring mix tossed in a house vinaigrette. These layers provide a burst of flavors that are refreshing and fun for the palette.

Chicken wings and French toast

Marinated and seasoned with our house Seasoned flour mix, deep fried to a perfect golden brown. Served on a row of Texas Toast French Toast drizzled with our house Syrup of your choosing. The flavors pop with sweetness and a mild Cajun heat and flavor that delights the taste buds.

Shrimp and grits

Our grits are flavored with smoked Gouda, butter, and a white cheddar cheese that brings out the right flavor and creaminess. Topped with grilled shrimp and complemented with a Cajun cream sauce, these flavors are a delectable profile.



Our exquisite cocktails and drinks are made to match your divine tastes.

The Tre
The Den
The Entanglement
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River Oaks

The Sports Lounge


Enjoy over 40 TV screens covering all the top sporting events from all over the world. From the NBA, NFL, and MLB to Nascar, FIFA, and so many more professionals can tune in with colleagues as they cheer on their favorites in the sporting universe. First class atmosphere with a first class experience.


Further heighten the experience in The Sports Lounge with fine dining and refreshing drinks. Savor our southern cuisines that are designed to tantalize the senses, especially taste. Luxuriate in the many cocktails, beer, and various liquor combinations that hydrate and satisfy the thirst.



When the day is winding down, professionals need a place to kick back and relax. The Patio offers a hookah lounge for clientele to indulge their senses in a calming manner. Simply an atmosphere set aside specifically for hookah activities of individuals or groups after a successful day at work.


The Patio is designated for hookah use, but exquisite cuisines and delectable drinks are still available. Enjoy access to every dish and drink on the menu to elevate your experience in The Patio area. Our team will assist with making your experience very pleasurable and memorable.